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Web Browsers

We've made a Chrome extension and a Firefox add-on that lets you upload images on the web straight to MediaCrush. Give them a try!

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Using MediaCrush on the go is as simple as can be — just head over to https://mediacru.sh from your mobile device to use our mobile site.

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Using Windows? Download the official MediaCrush Windows application. You can upload files straight from your desktop and send screenshots directly to MediaCrush. And of course, it's open source.

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For Linux users, we have MediaCrush-cli, which allows you to upload media from the comfort of your favorite shell. Arch Linux users can install it via the AUR package, and Gentoo users can get it through the portage package.

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Check out our official MediaCrush app for OS X! You can upload screenshots and record screencasts directly from your desktop.

Everyone Else

We're still working on more ways to use MediaCrush on your system. Want it faster? Have a look at our straightforward API and see if you can make your own!

Third party apps

There are also a number of third party apps with MediaCrush support. Have you written one?

  • ShareX is an open-source Windows application that lets you take screenshots or screencasts and upload them.
  • ScreenGrab lets you take screenshots and upload them, on Linux and Windows
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite can display MediaCrush links inline on Reddit
  • Imagus shows you MediaCrush links on hover anywhere on the web
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